Thursday, July 13, 2006

Regina Spektor is not on my radio or TV

I tend to have a lot of homoerotica on my site

Hey kids, this I'm not b.f., Murf from False 45th or Jim from 11 a.m. air raid. I'm the guy who does spinachdip I actually don't know much about b.f. except from seeing him at Asobi Seksu concerts. He seems to be a quality, stand up guy, but for all I know, he could be a serial killer. So if you ever meet b.f., make sure it's at an Asobi Seksu concert and you'll be fine.

So I wanted to a proper music post, because my own site tends to be an unfocused mess of disparate subjects. Let's see how I do.

I tend to be a little slower than the cool blogger kids, but I've had Regina Spektor (official|myspace|buy) on my heavy rotation for the past week or so. She reminds me of Tori Amos a little, mostly because she's a girl on a piano. Then again, I could say the same for Vanessa Carlton. Ah, what the hell, I'm terrible at describing musicians, I'll just post the mp3s:

Regina Spektor & The Strokes "Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men" mp3 video buy (iTunes link)
Regina Spektor "On the Radio" mp3 video buy

And speaking of the radio,

Donna Summer "On the Radio" mp3
Guster "Jesus on the Radio" mp3 (via LhB)
Nelly Furtado "Shit on the Radio" mp3 video

And from off their forthcoming Return to Cookie Mountain (P-fork review):

TV on the Radio "Hours" mp3

And speaking of TV on the Radio, I was at their now (apparently) legendary Prospect Park concert backed by Antibalas (by the way, is there a better music writer on the internet right now than Tom Breihan? I wouldn't really know because I don't read much, but just asking). Which isn't to say I actually saw TVotR. I ended up leaving after Voxtrot and Matt Pond, P.A. because, it looked like it was going to storm and dammit, I was really hungry after drinking on an empty stomach (as a sidenote, I'm finding that as I get older, teenage girls keep getting simultaneously younger and older at the same time. Anyway, I've never seen so many young girls at an indie rock concert that didn't involve Stars or Rilo Kiley).

Yeah, BV is right, I'm an idiot and I would have stayed had I known Antibalas was going to be on stage, but hey, the food was fantastic.

Video: TV on the Radio w/Antibalas - "Young Liars"

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