Wednesday, April 21, 2010

JJ: Seaside Sounds

JJ no.3 actually came out last month, while winter was still lingering here in Boston. But as the sun re-emerges and the air warms with the promise of spring, I find myself listening to the Swedish duo’s third album more or less constantly—right now, their tropical-tinged, sample-inflected hazy pop songs just sound perfectly uplifting.

On “Let Go,” Elin Kastlander’s voice is as gentle as an ocean breeze and as gritty as sand—striking a perfect balance between sweetness and salty melancholy. When she sings, “Let go / let your skin show / that you’ve been in the sun today / let’s go / let your mind blow / all your sorrows away,” I’m ready to start making plans for my next beach vacation.

Download JJ’s “Let Go” on MP3 (sunscreen not included).
- Anna K


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