Sunday, December 19, 2004

"Romantic Me"...Or "Why The Internet Rules".

Around 1978-1982, there was this really cool band that played around NYC called Polyrock. They played that kind of jerky, angular new wavey stuff that was all the rage downtown at the time (think Talking Heads & Television), but they were heavy on the electronics, and more danceable. Their first couple of albums (put out by RCA) were produced by Phillip Glass (!!) and were really adventurous, but accessible in a dance-pop kind of way. I'd seen them play live a few times, the last being a really fun bill the shared with Our Daughter's Wedding in the student center at Rutgers in New Brunswick.

I had some of their music on cassette, but as cassettes are want to do, they either vanished under the seat of somebody's car after a trip down the shore or into the city, or they melted and twisted themselves into unplayablity on that little shelf behind the car's rear window.

Anyway, I've been searching for their music, or at least a copy of their best known song "Romantic Me" for the better part of fifteen years, to no avail. Since my discovery of the MP3, I've been searching the internet for that song at least once a month, again with no success.

Today I hit paydirt.

The good people at have been looking for Polyrock as well, and took it upon themselves to post "Romantic Me" and another track here. Seems like they are spearheading a campaign to get Polyrock's music reissued on CD.

If you wanna hear what Downtown NYC sounded like back in the day, Polyrock is a pretty nice slice.

--Post Script--
Scenestars has since posted links to the entire ROIR Polyrock Demos & Live Cassette ripped to MP3 here. Nice.

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