Friday, January 14, 2005

Asobi Seksu/Hit & Run

Got to see Asobi Seksu last night opening for Razorlight & The Features at Bowery Ballroom. It was a fantastic set, very powerful for the roughly 30 minutes they were allowed. They started off kinda poppy, and ended in a great wall of noise that felt fantastic vibrating through my bones. I can't wait to see them play a full set.

I stayed for most of The Features set, which was much better than I expected. I have their CD around here somewhere, and will probably dig it up this weekend. I'd already seen Razorlight play a pretty great set at Sin-e a couple months ago, so despite the crowd loaded with hot young rock chicks, I abandoned my pal Charles (who took the photo above) to make it home at a reasonable hour. On my way out I ran into Yuki, Asobi Seksu's singer, and said hello. She's tiny.

I walked up Bowery, turned down Spring Street, past Gatsby's where I had a perfect pint of Boddington's just before the show, when I heard an obviously drunk voice yelling at a cab. I saw the cab coming past me up the street, followed very closely by a drunk guy yelling for the driver to stop and pick him up. I watched the drunk actually catch up with the moving cab close enough to grab the door handle, when I lost sight of the guy and heard some sort of a bang. As the cab drove away, I looked up the street to see Drunk Guy in a heap in the road. The bang was either him hitting the side of the cab, or the cab hitting/running over him. A group of about a dozen people who had just left Balthazar on the opposite side of the street ran up to help the guy, so beered-up me just kept walking down to Broadway & Prince to catch the subway.

As Cindy Adams says, "Only in New York, kids...only in New York".

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