Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Creepiest Arcade Fire Ticket Craigslist Post Ever

It starts out like this:

Reply to: anon-xxxxxxx@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-01-04, 4:44PM EST

Hey, ladies! I've got one Arcade Fire ticket left for Irving Plaza and I'm willing to give it up -- for free! Here's the deal:

I am a straight-up, totally normal white dude. Hedge Fund wizard by day, Spuds McKenzie by night!!! :) I'm in pretty damn good shape, if I do say so myself -- hit NYRC at least three times a week! 29 years old, brown hair, brown eyes and a sparkling smile!

I am NOT looking for sex. Just a fun, ATTRACTIVE lady who wants to accompany me to the concert, maybe dance with me during said concert, and go out for at least 1 (one) drink post-show. In other words, if you're just planning on ditching me during the show this is not going to work -- it happened to me at the Strokes show at MSG theater so I'm going to be pretty vigilant about this.

The full scary post is here.

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