Monday, January 10, 2005

Dig Me.

I've got one of these scheduled for delivery to my new basement lair this Friday:

Das rite, sucka.

I don't wanna brag but, it's got all this stuff:

51" rear-projection display: TV shows, sports and movies take on a new life with this 51" screen.

--HDTV monitor: Enjoy dynamic high-definition programming.

--Enhanced images: Sony's DRC™ circuitry upconverts lower resolution video signals to near-HD quality, while the 3D digital comb filter keeps images sharp.

--Widescreen: The 16:9 aspect ratio delivers your favorite films in their original cinematic format, and CineMotion™ Reverse Pulldown technology ensures that movies always look their best.

--A/V inputs: DVI and HDMI inputs guarantee stunning images from digital video sources, while component and S-video inputs make it easy to hook up your entire home theater system.

--Picture-in-picture: Sony's Flexible Twin-View™ 2-tuner picture-in-picture is the perfect way to watch two programs at the same time.

--TruSurround™ SRS® audio: Enjoy crisp, realistic digital sound from the built-in speakers.

And if I knew what most of that stuff meant, I bet I'd be even more fired-up.

Anyway...Manchester United v Liverpool is on Fox Sports World at 7am Saturday morning, live in my basement on a friggin' huge screen. Everyone on these Internets is invited...admission is one donut (apple spice, toasted coconut, or vanilla frosted with sprinkles preferred).

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