Saturday, January 29, 2005

Snowbound In Charlotte

I'm in Charlotte visiting the in-laws, and damned if I'm not snowed in at the hotel! In North Carolina! I was fully expecting some relatively balmy weather in the 40's & 50's. This is the view from our room at The Westin downtown:

It's Saturday afternoon, and practically the entire downtown area is closed. I guess they only have a couple plows here, so not many streets get cleared anyway.

At lunchtime, rather than go for the insanely priced room service choices, we bundled up and walked a few blocks to one of the few businesses open, Matt's Chicago Hot Dogs.

I had a "Carolina Hot Dog", which had chili, mustard, cole slaw, and seasoned salt on a steamed poppy roll:

It tasted WAY better than it looks.

Along the way, we saw maybe three other intrepid dopes on the street other than ourselves.

Last night we met up with some family at the Cricket Arena to see the Charlotte Checkers play the South Carolina Stingrays. I'd never seen minor league hockey, and it was a blast. Maybe the most amazing thing about the event was when I bought 2 hot dogs, a Coke and a beer, and only knowing hockey food prices from Devils games at The Meadowlands, I was stunned when the tab came to a mere 10 bucks and change. The Checkers lost 4-1, and play again against the Columbia Inferno tonight, weather permitting. Kimberly's brother has hooked us all up with tickets on the glass, so I hope the snow clears enough that we can find our way out there.

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