Sunday, February 20, 2005

Tequila...Tool Of The Devil.

If you see me out and I'm ordering any sort of drink with Tequila as an ingredient, please stop me. Seriously. The older I get, the worse the hangover, and my Sunday mornings are way too valuable to be spent begging for mercy.

As if to prove that I don't need a hipster club or bar to enjoy myself, we met up with one of Kimberly's girlfriends from out of town at the notoriously unhip Gonzalez y Gonzalez downtown. I hadn't been there in about six years, but the bar is huge and I figured the big neon sombrero out front would make it easy for an out-of-towner to find. While waiting, I ordered a margarita (rocks/salt, of course), which was killer. It was just that one that I'm still feeling the effects of 14 hours later. I think I'm getting to the point where cures other than forfeiting the next day just don't work. So I guess it's time to forsake my beloved Mexican nectar for good. Or until the next picnic on a hot day.

The good news on the boozing front is that I discovered a new favorite beer at our second stop of the night, the Peculier Pub on Bleeker. Although a total frat-boy and drunk-girl joint, the Peculier has a menu of literally hundreds of beers from around the globe. I've always been a fan of Belhaven Ale from Scotland, but never had it from tap. Man, it's delicious. It's really creamy, like Boddingtons, and totally tasty.

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Now, if I could find a bar with Belhaven on tap, less backwards-baseball cap-wearing-dudes, and a no-Tequila policy, I'm set.

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