Friday, May 27, 2005

Fill Yer iPod Up This Weekend On Me.

Download The Concretes' cool version of the Stones' "Miss You" at Fluxblog.

Get six Gang Of Four MP3's (in .zip format) at Andy Gill's Gillmusic website.

Pickup a couple of classic Dave Edmunds tracks ("From Small Things, Big Things Come", and "The Wanderer") at Rock De Siempre.

Going to see Bloc Party on the current USA leg of their tour? Go to Music For Robots and download opening act Engineers' "One In Seven".

Norway's Wallpaper Silhouettes are showcased on Indie MP3 with a couple new Orange Juice-y tracks for the taking.

Stereogum has a download of Coldplay's "Fix You" (Live At Coachella).

monkeySARS has a couple of cool Laura Cantrell tracks for you here.

Kick it old-school with a download of Kurtis Blow's "If I Ruled The World" at IckMusic.

The best of the bunch might be this amazing cover of Visage's "Fade To Grey" by J-Popsters The Konki French, found at copy, right?

And the grand finale...Quo Vadimus has a photo of Sebastian Bach and Abe Vigoda...together, perfect for printing out for display on your fridge or if you need cover art for the CD you burn of all the above tracks.

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