Saturday, May 14, 2005


As I'm just hanging this weekend trying to shake whatever this allergy/flu thing I have, I've found a few new cool things while poking around on the laptop...

Lost In The '80's is chock full of great downloads from the Eighties...His most recent entry has "Pilot Of The Airwaves" by Charlie Dore, for cryin' out loud! That's hardcore.

Coolfer has this great little entry on Merge's big push behind the new Spoon album and what it takes to get a title listed in a Best Buy Sunday flyer.

Stereogum offers a download of Paul Anka inexplicably covering Soundgarden here.

A huge archive of nearly every P.E. remix and rarity, and lots of live stuff can be found at Dean's Tribute To Public Enemy.

And finally, New York Road Runners have let slip that the date of this year's Nike Run Hit Wonder will be July 20. I totally can't wait for that race, since last year's was such a blast. DEVO, A Flock Of Seagulls, Dramarama, General Public, and Tone Loc all played last year's event. I'm dying to see who's there this year.

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