Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Dollar Goes A Long Way In Jersey City...Beats, Babys, Bedbugs & Ballyhoo On The Cheap

Out of the dollar bins at this morning's WFMU Yard Sale in the station's parking lot in Jersey City, I picked up these treasures:

That's right, suckas. For a total of four bucks I got:

-A still-sealed vinyl copy of The Babys excellent "Union Jacks" album (still with the ol' tagger on it from Korvettes, an old New York/New Jersey chain department store that I used to get my mom to buy me 45's from).

-A vinyl copy of The Babys "Anthology", which has about half of "Union Jacks" on it...but now that I have 2 copies of their classic "Midnight Rendezvous" on wax I can rock the turntables and mixer in the basement to make the ultimate 30 minute mix of the song. John Waite's chubbing up somewhere as I type this.

-A new CD copy of Chromeo's "She's In Control". Their single "Needy Girl" is an important part of my Summer driving experience.

--and a brand new copy of Chris Adams'"Turquoise Days-The Weird World Of Echo & The Bunnymen", which is considered the ultimate look at Ian McCulloch and crew through quotes, lyrics, and photos. I've actually purchased this book once before as a gift for a friend, but couldn't pull the trigger on one for me at full price. But for a buck? Hell, yeah.

One more reason why 'FMU is the greatest radio station in the world.

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