Wednesday, June 15, 2005

If I Were Larry King, My Newspaper Column Would Read Like This:

So far only three bands have been announced for the Nike Run Hit Wonder race in July...Joan Jett, The Donnas, and Fountains Of Wayne. I'm a HUGE Fountains fan, so that's cool, and Joanie is always a good time, but I preferred The Donnas when they couldn't play their instruments so well. I'm sure it's gonna be a ball to run again.

My video producer pal Stanley hipped me to the Afropunk screening & festival happening over Fourth Of July weekend in Brooklyn & Manhattan. It's not often that I can get my 24/7 Spyz on...

The best free MP3 download on the Internets this week is The Suburbs' classic dancefloor jam "Love Is The Law" (12" Version)" at Lost Bands Of The New Wave Era. Skinny tie and drink ticket, optional.

The best streaming spot is KEXP's Gang Of Four in-studio set from last month. I dare you to sit still in your computer chair while "Paralysed" plays. You can't, right? I told ya!

So, Alexi Lalas is the new GM of the MetroStars...I guess that won't make things any worse. And you have to like a guy ballsy enough to admit his favorite band of all time is Ratt...I know I've got a copy of Lalas' CD "Ginger" around here somewhere.

Saturday, July 16 may be the best day in Coney Island ever...The Village Voice Siren Festival (featuring Spoon, Mates of State, Brendan Benson, Dungen, VHS or Beta, Q and not U, Ambulance LTD, Morningwood, Diamond Nights, and the Dears) is being held the same day as a Brooklyn Cyclones home game, which happens to be Mookie Wilson Bobblehead Night. Throw in a quick trip to Nathan's Famous and that's a good day out.

And finally, for no good reason, Crying While Eating.

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