Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Coolest Tribute Band Since Dread Zeppelin

The Red Stripes!

Mini-Biography from their MySpace page:

The Red Stripes be from Detroit Town, Jamaica - where crime runs through life and the rhythms of the sound systems fill the streets.

Drummer Reggae Zellweger and vocalist/guitarist Black White first met at a family reunion. They married not long after that, but once they discovered that they were actually brother and sister, it was the end of the marriage. (Incest is a big no-no in Detroit Town's strict Caribbean church community!)

While Black & Reggae were enjoying life's pleasures by the rivers of Babylon on a lazy Jamaican afternoon, the clouds parted and Jah spoke to them saying, "You must spread a message of peace and love through the music of The White Stripes...but make it reggae mon!"

Red Stripes videos and an MP3 of their "megamix" can be found here. Irie!

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