Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Roller Girls, Baseball, Weiners & Music...

I'm totally in love with the new album by Clor. I don't know much about them other than they are from London and their album is out over there this week, but I haven't heard if they have a US record deal or not. NME has a couple videos by them here, and the whole album streaming here. Photo montage courtesy of Ian Davies/ID Photo.

Central Village was at Lollapalooza in Chicago and verifies that the Dandy Warhols and Anton & Matt from Brian Jonestown Massacre actually shared a stage for the first time in 8 years...hopefully Ondi was there filming for "Dig 2, Electric Boogaloo".

Spinach Dip helps expose Chicagoans' misinterpretation of the phrase "best hot dog".

Brooklyn Vegan has hipped me to BlocParty.net, which features all kinds of MP3's, videos, tabs, and more.

Unkle Munki tells me that the Gotham Girls Roller Derby is awesome, and the girls are way hot. They have matches once a month up in the Boogie Down, and I think I have to be there for the next one on August 19.

Before you go see the Gotham Girls, you may want to visit One Louder and grab the MP3 he's offering of tips from the 1975 album, "Picking Up Women Made Easy".

And finally, here was my view from what is easily the nicest ballpark I've ever been in, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, where we watched the Phillies beat the Padres this past Saturday. Flying Fish EPA on tap, too! Coupled with two slices from Lorenzo's before the game, and that was one enjoyable afternoon in the sun.

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