Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gil Mantera's Party Dream...Winner of CMJ '05's "Best Bikini Briefs Of The Festival Award".

It's Thursday night during CMJ week in NYC, and I'm already exhausted. I shoulda put in more training hours for this week.

Tuesday night I saw Sigur Ros and Amina at the Beacon. Another totally moving and beautiful show by these guys, and a remakably respectful audience as well. Both bands' music really need (and deserve) full attention to be appreciated, and surprisingly, the normally noisy Beacon crowd held off on the chatter to allow the music to reach ears undiluted. Their shows are really something special.

Wednesday was the first full day of CMJ, and my favorite shows of the long day were The Love Scene (at left), Asobi Seksu, and Gil Mantera's Party Dream. I watched the last two bands with certified hipster spinachdip nyc, who was able to keep his eyes open a bit longer than I could this morning to describe those bands' sets here.

Asobi Seksu's set was quality as usual, and ended with a long, furious, and beautiful shower of noise loud enough to give Kevin Shields a chubby.

I can't even begin to describe Gil Mantera's Party Dream. I just can't, other than to say they are/were two crazy drunk guys from Ohio who play a music that is equal parts Rush, Cher, Voivod, Duran Duran, and Ted Nugent. Did I mention the high point of their set for me was their cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" sung by Gil through a vocoder? Here's singer Donny in the audience, and in his drawers:

I'm too tired to write about today's excellent shows (including Tom Vek & Blackalicious), so I better go catch some z's so I can attack tomorrow's open bar shows with the vigor they deserve.

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