Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More Whatnot.

I called up the iTunes Music Store this morning to look for a track I need for something, and noticed a new feature on the front page called "Just For You", at which iTunes recommends albums that you might be interested in buying based on previous purchases. Here's the first one offered:

You bought "You Are The Quarry" by Morrissey...We recommend "Power Windows" by Rush (1997). Even Geddy Lee would laugh at that one.


If you need something do do Halloween weekend, grab a bed sheet, make a ghost costume, and head over to The Goldhawk on 10th & Park in Hoboken for Hoboken Rock City's Mike C.'s Halloween Party from 10pm-3am. Just look at the stuff this guy plays...his gigs are like Jack Radio programmed by somebody really cool and with arms that come out of the receiver to serve you drinks.


My friend Dan who runs Metrofanatic.com, easily the best fan-run soccer site in the USA, interviewed new MetroStars interim coach Mo Johnston today and has posted the transcript here. I wish other NYC soccer writers would take a cue from Dan and ask questions that really matter.


Memories Can't Wait is a blog chockful of really great downloads of older songs that were great at the time of release, but somehow kinda fell from view. They specialize in great new-wavy stuff, but theres tots of other goodies too. Check out this list of songs they put up in one post about songs from 1980:

Elvis Costello - "Black and White World"

Code Blue - "Modern Times"

XTC - "Rocket From A Bottle"

The Jam - "Start!"

Pete Townshend - "Keep On Working"

The BusBoys - "KKK"

Utopia - "That's Not Right"

The Clash - "Charlie Don't Surf"

Roger Daltrey - "Free Me"

Good stuff, right?


Another recent fave is bigstereo, an MP3 blog with great taste in both new and old tracks. I love the fact that there is a place where I can get a couple tracks from the Test Icicles album, AND "Point Of No Return" by Exposé.


Finally, the WFMU Blog has a great clip of Prince on American Bandstand in 1980 acting all Prince on Dick Clark. It's remarkable to think that a performance like that would probably not be allowed on today's ABC.

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