Friday, November 04, 2005

If he starts talking about the importance of Huey Lewis, head for the door!

What girl could possibly pass up this dreamboat's post on Craigslist today?:

Come see U2 with me for FREE! Ladies only

Reply to:
Date: 2005-11-04, 2:11PM EST

How would you like to come with me to see one of the best concerts of the year? Not only that, the entire night is on me, all expenses paid! I have a great pair of tickets for U2 on Thanksgiving week and I'm looking for a special young lady who's not only a big fan, but also attractive, outgoing, and doesn't mind being wined and dined.

We'll start off with dinner at a nice restaurant (unless you'd rather have Wendy's), head off to the concert, wind the evening down at a very exclusive lounge for drinks, and retreat to my place (or yours if you prefer) for some NSA fun! All you need to do is to be your charming self, look good, and we will have a great time together! Please include a picture with your email, and a few words to help me get to know you better don't hurt either.

Wow, that "retreat" to his place sounds like a gas. Sounds very Christian Bale in American Psycho to me.

Original post here.

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