Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'll Take Paul Lynde For The Block, Peter...Dramarama Drama...

I may have mentally scarred myself for life last night. To celebrate Halloween, and to pass the time inbetween getting off and on the couch to hand over midget Snickers bars to kids in unimaginative costumes (are The Power Rangers back? I swear I had six different Power Rangers, all of them blue, at our door last night. Maybe BigLots put a bunch of them out on their $1.99 table for the parents who couldn't be bothered with a little creativity), we watched a DVD copy of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special that I picked up at the Super Bowl of weirdo-fests, The Chiller Theatre Expo, on Friday night. The special, which featured guest stars Florence Henderson, Betty White, Tim Conway, Billy Barty, "Witchiepoo" from H.R. Pufinstuf, Donny & Marie Osmond, and KISS (playing Detroit Rock City, Beth, and King Of The Night Time World!) totally gave me the All Hallowed Eve's creeps. As expected, the show is a complete trainwreck, loaded with jokes so unfunny that they are funny in their unfunniness. Saw 2 may have won the box-office this weekend, but Paul Lynde was the king of "scary" as far as I'm concerned.

Even though you didn't show up at my door last night (as far as I know), here are a few treats for you on the web today:

spinachdip nyc is hosting this week's Big Apple Blog Festival, which is kinda like the Carnival Of The New Jersey Bloggers, but but it wears more black and less big hair. Good stuff galore.

Jim from the venerable Jersey Beat is holding a "Stupid Emo Band Publicity Photo" contest at the Jersey Beat Blog. He's also got a scathing review there of the recent Dramarama "reunion" show in Jersey:
"I'm sure that in his own mind, Easdale thinks of himself as an Eighties icon on a par with Westerberg and Stipe. In reality, he doesn't even qualify as a second-rate Pat DiNizio. The Dramarama songbook begins and ends with two classic songs and a lot of filler, and it was really shameful for the band to pad out its set like that."
Glad I didn't make that one.

Take a few seconds to see my favorite drummer who doesn't use a drum: This is rock & roll.

I've totally been enjoying cranking Devin Davis' album Lonely People of the World, Unite! in my car lately. Power-poppy in a one-man-GBV kind of way, Davis' album is crazy catchy, but also rocks a boogie groove somewhere between The Mooney Suzuki and the Kings Of Leon, all the while sounding totally original. Three MP3's from the album and three live MP3's can be had here, and an animated video for "Giant Spiders" is here.

And finally, this gem is in this week's The Onion: KISS Cover Band Guitarist Leaves To Start Vinnie Vincent Invasion Tribute Band.

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