Thursday, November 10, 2005

We’re Just Talking To The Kids.

I saw Art Brut's first ever American show last night at Maxwell's in Hoboken, and they were great. Singer Eddie Argos is the best live frontman I've seen since Pelle Almqvist of The Hives, and the entire band were fantastic, even on the new songs that they've not really played much live yet. Argos ventured into the crowd a few times mid-song, whipping up some frenzy while not missing a beat. At one point in the show he picked people out in the crowd and gave advice. His advice to me was to "go out and form a band. Then you can thank Art Brut for making your life better.".

It's remarkable to me that these guys don't have a record deal in the USA. As far as I know, all of the shows on this, their first American tour, are either sold out or damn-near. Either they are holding out for some sort of incredible deal, or record companies are (probably rightfully) incredibly skittish about signing bands like Art Brut who don't really fit into any of the retarded radio formats that have anything to do "rock" music these days.

Nonetheless, if you have the chance to catch the Mercury Lounge, Northsix , or Tribeca Grand shows, do it. You'll leave having had your socks rocked off, and feeling like Argos is your creepy new best friend.

Openers LEVY were a nice surprise. I'd heard a bit about them, but was not quite sure what they sounded like based upon some of the vague descriptions I'd been given. Truth is, they have a very unique sound that if comparisons must be made, would find them falling sonically somewhere between The Smiths and Coldplay, but with New York City flair. The sampler from their recent Rotten Love album they slipped me at the show sounded great in the car on the way home, and I look forward to hearing the whole thing soon. Check it for yourself...LEVY sounds & video here.

Here's how I saw Art Brut last night:

One Louder was there and dug it too.

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