Sunday, December 18, 2005

Paul Scheer...If Andrew WK Showed Up In R. Kelly's Closet, His Head Would Explode.

Paul Scheer. You may not know the name, but I know you recognize his mug from VH1's "Best Week Ever", appearances on Conan, and all kinds of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater projects.

While he's waiting for the movie he's recently completed with Billy Bob Thornton, School For Scoundrels, to come out shortly, Paul responded to the extrawack! poll as follows:

1. What was your favorite song of 2005?

After Months of Shame, I think I can finally admit that my favorite song of 2005 has to be Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" , it's
sad but true, I love a song by an American Idol contest winner.
According to my itunes, I've listened to this song 62 times. But
Before you lose all respect for me, just know, Ted Leo covered this
song, so that should add some credibility. But if not, F you all,
I'll just go back to listening to Clay Aiken's Christmas Album.
Also Honorable Mentions go to Elefant's "Now That I Miss Her", Cloud Room's "Hey Now Now" and Louis XIV's "Finding Out True Love is

2. What was your favorite album of 2005?

This was a Year of Great Albums, I'm sure the Popular Answer is
Green Day's "American Idiot". You really can't argue that, it was a great year for 30 year old dudes wearing eyeliner. But I agree it's
awesome, it kinda gets less awesome as Radio Stations play it
adnauseum. But Beck's Guero and System of a Down's Mesmorize and Hypnotize are Pretty great too.

3. What was your favorite live show of 2005?

Morningwood and Amy Miles these are Bands that you will be talking about this year. Amy Miles is like Aimee Mann Meets Awesome and Morningwood has the feel of a more Kickass and yet sometimes more Sultry Joan Jett, I hope those come off as compliments because I mean them that way they are awesome. Also I'd be remiss if I
didn't mention seeing Pixies was one of my favorite concert
experiences yet...They are just too Good. I Bow to the Pixies.

4. What was your favorite thing about 2005?

R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet. Need I say more? Yes, this has
been a year full of Wars, Poverty, and Natural Disasters but
that's nothing compared to the horrific things that happen to the
characters in R. Kelly's 12 Part Hip-Hopera, "Trapped in the Closet".
Thanks to Kells, we finally are able to appreciate and reward the
brave souls who are strong enough to be able to step out of the closet and face their cheating gay preacher husband and/or their dwarf loving spouse. Finally, closets aren't just for gays anymore.

5. What is your biggest wish for 2006?

Sure I could go the World Piece Route but instead, my greatest
wish for 2006 is Andrew WK The Musical, Think Tommy but More

Now, when "Scoundrels" comes out and Paul's a household name, you can go, "Yeah, I knew that dude when he was all about Elefant and The Cloud Room...hey, didn't I just see him with Lenny Kravitz going backstage at that weak Aerosmith show? What a sell-out!" Or not. In the meantime, check him out at the L.A. UCB Theatre performing at The 2005 IT SUCKED! Awards on 30 December.

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