Saturday, December 10, 2005

We'll Tell Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant You Said Hello.

extrawack! is in London at a sleazy Internet cafe near Leicester Square tonight, after seeing Charlton spank Sunderland at The Valley, winning enough at Ladbrokes to afford some Jaffa Cakes to bring home, and walking around Tate Modern listening to Art Brut's "Modern Art" in the iPod:

"So I'm in the Tate
And I'm looking at Hockney
And oh sweet Jesus
There's something about that blue
It touches me deep inside
Amazes me when I step outside
I'm sweating
I'm sweating
I'm beginning to palpitate
I can't help myself
I just can't help myself

Modern art
Makes me
Want to rock out!

So cool.

This is where we'll be the next two nights:

OK, gotta get out of this joint, the guy just put on a Cliff Richard Christmas album...on cassette.

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