Friday, January 06, 2006

Is It Me, Or Has Manhattan, South Of 4th Street, Turned Into A Giant TV Production Lot?

I was knocking around downtown today, and couldn't help but notice how many film crews were working and how many more streets were scheduled to be closed in the next few days for more production.

I'm used to seeing one or two crews during the course of a day, but it seems to be getting ridiculous now. Signs were posted on Bleeker from Lafayette to Bowery that "Love Monkey" will own that area all weekend, and on various streets from Houston to Canal I saw signs plotting upcoming "No Parking" production areas like the one above for two NBC Televison projects, two movies whose production names I didn't recognize, one NHK Japan project, and of course the production that never ends, "Law And Order".

At least these are more opportunities for me to play "See If Anybody Stops Me At The Craft Services Table". I usually give myself 1 point for a piece of fruit or a candy bar, 5 points for a coffee or hot chocolate, and 10 points for a sandwich. I award myself a "win" if I get all three and a "heyhowareya" from anyone with a laminated credential.

No points today, but only because I was in a rush. But don't be surprised if you see me in a tug-of-war over a turkey and mozzarella panini with Jason Priestley in Page Six on Monday morning.

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