Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some Great Links-ah, about The Fall-ah!

While listening to the excellent new album from The Fall, "Fall Heads Roll", I thought I'd post up a couple links to some great media involving rock's most lovable curmudgeon, Mark E Smith.

Dave Simpson from The Guardian gave himself the daunting task of tracking down every ex-member of The Fall. By his count, that's over 40 people! Here are his results, along with comments from many of those band members who were sacked, most of which are very charitable toward Fall-leader and personnel director Mark E Smith.

A compelling and hilarious compendium of "amusing between-song banter", rants, and nonsense including on track entiltled "Mark E Smith Battling With Bandmates At Brownies in NYC" can be found at the WFMU's Beware Of The Blog.

The good folks at WFMU also provide us with video clips of Smith reading the football scores on BBC Score last November, and commenting on-air about the passing of John Peel.

The official Fall website is here.

Buy the new album direct from Narnack Records here.

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