Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Your Last Chance To See Matisyahu Before He Plays Radio City and The Garden...

Just got this email from the remnants of what was once K-Rock in NYC:

K-ROCK2 welcomes
with Balkan Beat Box

Tuesday, March 7 at Hammerstein Ballroom

Wed, Jan. 18, 9AM - Thurs, Jan. 19, 9PM
password: CROWN (non case sensitive)

Onsale to General Public:
Fri, Jan. 20, 11AM
CLICK HERE on Wednesday at 9AM to purchase tickets.

By total chance the other night, I got to spend some time with the parents of Matisyahu's drummer, the rock steady Jonah David. They were such nice and cool people that I'd go to this show just in hopes of bumping into them again.

Matisyahu opened for the terribly milquetoast O.A.R. at MSG this past Saturday night, and not surprisingly, there was quite an exodus for the doors after his set. I have a feeling it's not long before he's headlining his own show there.

In other Matisyahu news...I've mentioned here before how it's better for everyone when you can buy records directly from bands at shows or straight from the indie label, cutting out middlemen and putting dough into artists hands quicker, but sometimes there are even better perks like this one:

If you pre-order Matisyahu's forthcoming album Youth direct from his label J-Dub here, you'll get the full-length Youth Dub album free.

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