Sunday, February 26, 2006

album review: Maxïmo Park - "Missing Songs"

How does such a young band come up with so much great music in so little time?

This past week, the mighty Maxïmo Park put out ANOTHER solid album full of the driving, catchy, new wavy goodness that made their A Certain Trigger album one of the best things about music last year.

Missing Songs is a compendium of B-sides, UK only releases, and three demos of songs from the first album. The songs show several different sides of the band, from their stiff and jagged cover of John Lennon's "Isolation" (originally found on a Q Magazine tribute CD), to their Oranges & Lemons-era XTC sounding "Trial And Error". As on their debut, Maxïmo Park are not afraid of tipping their hats to their influences here, but their sound nonetheless sounds remarkably original in this age of massive style and sound plagarism.

Bargain-priced, Missing Songs is a fantastic value. Maxïmo Park is state-of-the-art rock music, and your collection is not up to snuff if their music is not in it.

Maximo Park - "A19" mp3

Buy Missing Songs here.

And here's a photo of Maxïmo Park that I took at that XFM holiday concert in Brixton a couple months ago where they played the entire A Certain Trigger album in exact order!

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