Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Gift Ideas...Belle & Sebastian or Flowers From The Gas N' Sip?

What do you get the most sensitive music hipster comic nerd you know for Valentine's Day?

A Belle & Sebastian Comic Book!

Scottish indie pop sensations Belle & Sebastian make their first foray into the four-color world in a very different approach to the comics anthology in Image Comics’ PUT THE BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF: A BELLE & SEBASTIAN ANTHOLOGY...

Now, the band’s colorful lyrics and gorgeous, full-bodied melodies have provided Image Comics with the inspiration for a new kind of comics anthology. With the full-color, 144-page PUT THE BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF, a stellar collection of independent comic creators and cartoonists put their own spins on a cross section of Belle and Sebastian’s songs, crafting stories inspired by the band’s music, drawn from the band’s entire catalog.

I'm personally most interested in the chapter, "Piazza, New York
"...if there is one.

Buy it here.

However, if you are too cheap to spring for that book, hook your sweetheart up with this combo of free stuff for her iPod from iTunes:

Click here for a free download of Zack Hexum's romantic "How Many Times". Hexum's brother is the singer for 311, but don't hold that against him...he's really good.

Click here for the free video from Flipsyde, the guys that do that "Someday" song that is musical bed to all those ads on NBC for the Winter Olympics in Torino. You may not know it because when you hear the words "Michelle Kwan" coming from the TV, it's your cue to hit the fridge to find that last chilly beer...but your girl will know the track as "that skating song".

Now take the two bucks I just saved you on downloads and go buy a big bag of those little candy hearts that say junk like "BE MINE" and "U R CUTE". They'll go over so much better than the roses from the gas station that you usually get her.

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