Saturday, March 18, 2006

Music To Hangover By.

As I recover from last night's fun and rambuncious Pogues show (and it's associated hangover), here are a few tips while I wait for the ibuprofen to do it's thing:

Lets Kiss And Make Up features inelligent but fun musical discourse on the good stuff, both new and old. He's hipped me to more than a few good new bands, most notably Eagle*Seagull, and the mp3's he posts have filled a few notable gaps in my music collection.

Mars Needs Guitars has been posting a series of mp3's by "Favorite British Rock/Pop Bands" and "Favorite Scottish Rock/Pop bands"'s a treasure trove of really good stuff.

The free download at iTunes this week is Editors' "Munich". Get it here.

Eef know, the guy from Clem Snide...has a great solo disc out, which is just him and an acoustic guitar. He's a great tale teller, and "Bitter Honey" is loaded with the romantic kind of songs CS is known for, but more for listening to than singing along with. It's like a really good audiobook, but with short musical chapters rather than a droning narrator.

It's nice to see the new Sing-Sing album get some good notice. Ex-Lush Emma Anderson and new mom Lisa O'Neill's "Sing-Sing & I" is full of swirly pop shimmer...a great record to start the Spring with.

Thanks for nuthin', ibuprofen. I think I've gotta go lay down.

Eagle*Seagull - "Photograph" mp3 buy
Eagle*Seagull - "Your Beauty" mp3 buy

Eef Barzelay - "The Ballad of Bitter Honey" mp3 buy

Sing-Sing - "Come, Sing Me A Song" mp3 buy

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