Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jody Wildgoose, Sheffield's Busker Extraordinaire.

About a week ago one of my pals, whose musical tastes I trust, told me about a discovery of his called Jody Wildgoose. "I think he's British, and he's on that label that has Stephin Merritt and Micah P. Hinson on it...kinda sounds like Beck, when Beck was interesting...".

I made a mental note to investigate this guy, but like most of my mental notes, it was lost in the pile of other mental notes, some dating back to the Eighties. (I think I saw "Get Haircut 100 tickets" in that pile recently...)

Anyway, another fellow whose tastes seem to always be dead on, Colin from the fab blog "Let's kiss and make up", put a post up today about Jody Wildgoose, saving me the investigation.

If this first paragraph from his bio at the Sketchbook Records website doesn't pique your interest, you need to re-evaluate your outlook on music:

There’s an online guide to the city of Sheffield with a local heroes section; included is ‘the busker who plays in the underpass going towards Arundel Gate’. That busker is Jody Wildgoose.

Yeah, the Beck comparison is apt, as are the analogies on that website to Super Furry Animals and Flaming Lips. But Colin adds that there's more than a touch of The Beta Band in there, and that makes a nice bunch of references for a record to have, no? His latest album is called Afterlife, and I'm gonna start hunting down a copy as soon as I post these couple of tracks from his Lovely White Teeth album:

Jody Wildgoose - "Black Widow" mp3 buy

Jody Wildgoose - "Stereo" mp3 buy

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