Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Stills & Sam Roberts Band @ Mercury Lounge, 4 April 06

Caught The Stills last night at Mercury Lounge...a pretty solid show, as expected. I've seen them a bunch of times before (remember the Summer before last when it seemed like they were playing NYC every week? I think people were starting to think they were from Brooklyn...), but they sounded bigger, better, and more confident than ever. The addition of a horn section for a couple songs was nice, and their jammy dub-version of "Still In Love Song" was groovy and fun.

The set included more than a few songs from their forthcoming Without Feathers album, and having spun that disc all week at home, the catchy new stuff sounded like old favorites to me.

Openers The Sam Roberts Band were a nice surprise. Sounding very My Morning Jacket, but with lyrics that are not only audible but clever as well, these guys rocked a set that totally won over a bunch of people clearly there for the headliners. I've not heard them on record, but I'm gonna hunt down their stuff pronto. Their new album, Chemical City, is out in Canada next week.

Bunnysploits totally dug The Stills' set. Her blog's a hoot, too. Poke around while you are there.

Yeti Don't Dance has a review and some Sam Roberts mp3's. Crackers United also has a review and photos.


Still In Love Song:

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