Sunday, May 28, 2006

extrawack! Has Footy Fever...World Cup Songs And Videos

The World Cup is mere days away, and I'm totally fired-up, especially after watching the U.S. side beat up on Venezuela and Latvia in consecutive matches this past week.

One of our favorite blogs, Scatter o'Light, is running a bloggers' World Cup pool, and has graciously opened it up to any and all bloggeristas. OK, I made that word up, but it sounds cool, doesn't it? Get info and sign up here.

In honor of perhaps the best goalkeeper in the world:

Barcelona - "Kasey Keller" mp3 buy

Aside from the action on the pitch, one of my favorite things about the World Cup is the teams' theme songs. As far as I know, the U.S. team doesn't really have a song, though this Gatorade commercial for them and their WC quest uses America's Pastime's theme to great effect:

This is perhaps the sweetest pop song I've heard written for a World Cup's from The Charade, and like most Swedish pop floating around these days, is catchy and beautiful:

The Charade - "Dressed In Yellow And Blue (The Unofficial Song of The Swedish World Cup Team)" mp3 buy

7 Seconds Of Love, a combo from Engerland, gives us this ska-tinged fight song for this year's Three Lions gang:

7 Seconds Of Love - "World Cup Winners" mp3

Here's a great animated video for "Oh Sweet England" by the 253 Boys from their (Wonderful World Of Football EP):

Here's what I think is the most popular Korean WC06 song, featuring a bunch of celebrities, and the goofy but cute slogan "Again 2002!"..."Be The Reds!" indeed:

Here's the least inspiring World Cup song I've ever heard/seen, on behalf of Australia's Socceroos:

And here's my favorite World Cup song ever, New Order's "World In Motion" from 1990...Hipsters take note: the video features an appearance by comedian Keith Allen (who co-wrote the song), father of current music blog fave Lily Allen!:

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