Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The extrawack! Prick Du Jour...

Walking up 44th Street from 8th Avenue toward Times Square today, I noticed a group of Midwestern looking tourists arguing with each other over which one of them got them lost. They were crowded around a wrinkled map and getting really snippy with each other when I heard one of them say, "I had no idea this is Brooklyn! We're supposed to be in Manhattan! Let's get back on the subway...". I then noticed the cause of their confusion:

The new Junior's sign had them convinced that despite the fact that they were on a street with about six Broadway theatres within eyesight, they were in Crooklyn.

About thirty seconds after I took that snapshot above, I heard some screams and noticed a black SUV limo come flying up the shoulder around the two legitimate lanes, hitting puddle after puddle, splashing matinee theatre-goers all the way. I caught a bit of the splash, but once the driver got past where I was, he actually steered the driver's side wheels up onto the sidewalk to get around some traffic, causing sidewalkers to scramble out of the way. He just missed a construction guy standing near the curb in front of the Nokia Theatre with his rear-view mirror, and then pulled back into the street only to be forced to stop at the light on Seventh Ave.

By the time I got to "greet" the driver as he was stopped, the construction guy was already there making sure the driver was well aware of his opinions on nearly getting knocked off the sidewalk. As the construction guy really was much more articulate and colorful in his rant to the driver than I ever could be, I merely voiced a couple strongly-worded statements to the driver (that I won't print here for my buddies with curse-filters at work), and snapped a couple shots.

Here, for your pleasure, is the extrawack! Prick Du Jour:

And in the hopes that somebody recognizes this dope (or his employer) and might be able to continue the wrath that the construction guy so ably threw his way, here's what his Jerkmobile looks like and a blow-up of his license plate:

This mook totally confirmed every stereotype I've ever held true about limo-drivers being some of the creepiest people on earth.


Thanks to links on Curbed, Gothamist, and Spinach Dip NYC, several readers tipped us that the car is operated by BLS Limousine Service of Astoria. I've sent them an email stating my displeasure with their driver, though I doubt it matters. I'll let you know any results.

***UPDATE #2***

Just received the following email from BLS:

Mr. F,

I would like to personally thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

My staff and I are currently investigating your claim.

We are in the process of installing cameras in all of our vehicles to ensure safe driving and appropriate behavior.

Once again thank you.

Michael Okon
Vice President
BLS Limousine Service

Yeah, that oughta do it. No "Sorry our guy splashed you and many others, can we help with a cleaning bill?...". I guess they'll wait to see if that driver says, "Yeah, I was a jackass and drove totally illegally, then stuck my tongue out at the guy for good measure" in their investigation.

And yes, he really did address his note to "Mr. F.", even though I signed the letter with my real full name. Maybe that's Limo-speak. Perhaps Mr. T was an A-hole limo driver before catching a break with The A Team.

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