Sunday, July 23, 2006

Radio 4 & Young Love @ Crash Mansion For Cheap

KROCK2 is presenting Radio 4 and Young Love at Crash Mansion on 8 August for a mere $9.23. Normally, that wacky price would make sense for a radio promotion gig, since it obviously jives with the station frequency. But since there's no way in hell (unless there's some show I don't know about on "92 Free" or whatever the station is called now) their actual "over-the-air" station plays Radio 4, it's kind of stoopid..dontcha think? As a matter of fact, their website is actually touting the fact that they are playing the new Bob Seger single!

Whatever...if they want to subsidize decent shows, I'm cool with it.

By now, I'm sure you know that a Radio 4 show guarantees your hips to move, no matter how much of a cross-armed hipster statue you usually are at shows.

Launch Radio 4 player here.

Young Love are a Stolen Transmission band, which means they (actually he...a guy called Dan Keyes, but he's got a live band) rock and groove in equal parts.

Young Love - "Discotech" real windows

Bigstereo has a great remix download of Young Love's "Discotech" here.

Opening the night is Brooklyn's R.U.O.K., who describe themselves as such:
"R.U.O.K's sound is an array of moody and melodic to raw, energetic rock using influences ranging from 80's post punk/New Wave to 90's Indie/Alternative all the while shaping it in to an original and unique modern style."

Yikes. Listen below to hear that they actually sound much better than they write blurbs:

R.U.O.K - "Arctic Warmth" MP3 buy
R.U.O.K. - "The Architect" MP3 buy

Tickets here.

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