Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ash @ The Annex, 5 Oct 06

Is there anything better than a small club full of friends and an open-bar?


A club full of friends, an open-bar, and Ash playing at midnight is better.

If you've ever been to The Annex, you know that it's a pretty cool hang, but the crowd is hipster-laidback. Ash had those cross-armed chin-strokers bouncing, dancing, and singing along like I've never seen there before.

The set was fierce, and the couple new songs played rocked just as hard as the other nine in the nearly hour-long set. As much as I loved Charlotte in the band, I must admit the three-piece set-up really suits them...especially the more recent tunes. Total fun, from first note to last. Thanks to SPIN for the hook-up...their review here.

Here's how I saw them:
Ash @ The Annex, NYC, 5 Oct 06


I'm told the band is planning at least one more low-key show while they are in NYC recording. You'd be a sucker to miss them.

And one more the set ended, Tim tossed his guitar pick into the crowd and it landed in my cup of ice (formerly a cup of SoCo & Coke...). Since I see on Ash's MySpace & forum how many fans wished they had the opportunity to be in New York for these gigs, I'd be glad to send the pick to a fan who'll do something charitable for someone else. If you want the pick, drop me a line at and let me know what you'll do. I'll pick a winner on Oct 10, and send the pick to the winner upon some sort of proof of completion. I'll also include one of the souvenir Southern Comfort guitar picks guests at this show were given.

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