Sunday, October 15, 2006

extrawack! Baker's Dozen Downloads...South, The SLIP, Andy Partridge, Albert Hammond, Jr. & more...

Here are thirteen fresh tracks to start your week off with...load them into your iPod and call the playlist "Stuff Way Cooler Than What The Guy Next To Me On The Subway Is Playing".

Andy Partridge - "Sonic Boom" mp3

Cassettes Won't Listen - "Gigga" mp3

Albert Hammond, Jr. - "In Transit" mp3

Gray Kid - "PaxilBack" mp3

No Wait Wait - “Amends" mp3

The Low Frequency In Stereo - "Axes" mp3

The SLIP - "Even Rats" mp3

South - Up Close And Personal mp3

David & The Citizens - "The End" mp3

Summer Hymns - "Pity and Envy" mp3

The Bishops - "The Only Place I Can Look Is Down" mp3

White Flight - "Solarsphere" mp3

Sunny Day Sets Fire - "Wilderness" mp3

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