Thursday, November 30, 2006

APB Playing 4 NYC Area Dates...New Album On The Way

Although many bands have attempted over the years to marry punk and funk, very few were even close to successful. Scotland's APB were able to get it right.

In the Eighties, APB made a very unique and funky dance-rock, and made a pretty significant name and following for itself in the New York and New Jersey area. Their songs were spun on new wave radio giant WLIR/WDRE the same way Z-100 plays Justin Timberlake now.

I loved that band, had the records, spun the singles at parties, but most of all, I was amazed at how good they were live.

Their shows at The Ritz and Club Malibu were legendary groove-fests, and I even remember watching a girl dance so hard to them at a show at City Gardens in Trenton, she passed flat-out as the band left the stage at the end of the set. OK, I'm sure lots of $2 cocktails were involved as well, but you get the picture.

I got a nice surprise earlier this year when I learned that Young American was re-releasing the nearly-impossible to find Something To Believe In compilation, complete with a second disc of b-sides, live tracks, and unreleased cuts, as well as The Radio 1 Sessions (Live at the BBC), including all of the band's Peel Sessions...all-in-all a treasure trove of APB goodness.

But perhaps the best gift I'm getting from Scotland this year is the announcement of a handful of live APB dates in the NYC area, including a stop at the tiny and cool Loop Lounge in Passaic Park!

Here are all the dates:
Dec 9 2006 9:00P
THE LOOP LOUNGE Passaic, New Jersey
Dec 14 2006 10:30P
UNION HALL Brooklyn, New York
Dec 15 2006 10:30P
Dec 16 2006 10:00P
SUBCULTURE @ Molly Blooms II Amityville, New York

It also appears they've got an album of all new material coming out shortly. That I've gotta hear.

APB - "Shoot You Down" mp3 buy

"Shoot You Down" live at The Ritz (now Webster Hall), NYC, 1986:

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