Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Aziz Loves YYYs, Clipse, The Wire, and L.A. Sushi

If you spent any spare time this year poking around the internet looking for funny stuff, chances are great you caught Aziz Ansari in the "Other Music" clip in which he played a trying-too-hard hipster music store clerk ("Did I ever tell you about the time I went trick-or-treating with Carlos D. from Interpol? We went in May...Carlos D. doesn't play by the rules..."), or maybe in an episode of his comedy team Human Giant's series, "Shutterbugs".

In between listening to the leak of the new LCD Soundsystem album and hammering out new episodes of Human Giant's new comedy series for MTV, Aziz shot us his extrawack! poll responses:

1. What was your favorite song of 2006?

"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John, "Trill" by Clipse, " "Boy From School" by Hot Chip, "Gold Lion" (Diplo Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and "I Was A Lover" by TV on the Radio

2. What was your favorite album of 2006?

These are the ones I ended up listening to most, I got pretty slack on music by the end of the year, so I haven't heard a bunch of great stuff I'm sure. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones, Destroyer - Rubies, Thom Yorke - Eraser, Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury, Beck - The Information

3. What was your favorite live show of 2006?

Beck Acoustic Show at Angel Orensanz, Gorillaz at Apollo, Radiohead at Bonnaroo, The Rapture at Bowery Ballroom

4. What was your favorite thing about 2006?

Music festivals were great this year. I got real lucky and somehow made it to Pitchfork, Bonnaroo, SXSW, and Bumbershoot. All of them were very fun to attend. I really got into "The Wire" this year, that show is the shit. I also went to this sushi place in LA called Katsu-Ya that is unreal.

5. What is your biggest wish for 2007?

I hope people like/watch Human Giant on MTV. I hope "The Wire" gets a fifth season, and that "24" and "Lost" are great this year. I'd also like to go to that sushi place Katsu-Ya a few more times in 2007.

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