Friday, January 26, 2007

album review: Robert Gomez - Brand New Towns

Robert Gomez - Brand New Towns

From the seemingly out-of-nowhere red hot Denton, Texas scene (Midlake, Centro-Matic, etc.) comes this brilliant album of mostly mid-tempo atmospheric songs of love, love-gone-wrong, lost love, get the picture. Gomez' hushed crooning style over moody acoustic guitar immediately reminds the listener of Elliot Smith and José González, but the addition of interesting but minimal electronic flair here, and tasteful strings there, make for a sound that is familiar but original all at once.

This is not a "play-it-while-you-do-something-else" album, but rather a collection of songs that deserve to be listened to, as the forthright and heartfelt lyrics are every bit as important as the beautiful music they are coupled with. And I have the feeling this disc is only going to sound better with repeated listening. (Out now in the UK, to be released here on Bella Union in late March.)
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