Friday, January 19, 2007

album review: Audionom - Retrospektiv

Audionom - Retrospektiv

Let's say you are a big fan of Krautrock, Punk, Prog-rock, Garage, and New Wave. And let's also say that you want to hear all of those genres, but you've only got room for one album in your collection. This is the CD for you.

A collection of this Swedish supergroup/collective's best tracks over the years, Retrospektiv showcases Audionom's unique style of hypnotic and driving riffs and grooves. The album's totally compelling sound is a cool sounding middle ground of Kraftwerk, Polyrock, Joy Division, Au Pairs, Neu!, early Psychedelic Furs, Monster Magnet, Gang Of Four, and The Monks. Seriously.

I spent an hour walking around the city at dusk last weekend with this disc playing in my headphones, and about a half-hour in, the hypnotizing repetitive drive of the album actually had me feeling like I was levitating as I cruised the sidewalks. I've not ever had such a physical reaction to music before. It could have been the cocktails, but I think it had way more to do with the tunes.

Out on Kemado late next month.

Audionom - "Kein Bock" mp3 buy

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