Friday, January 12, 2007

extrawack! Baker's Dozen downloads VI: Deerhoof, The Rapture, Pela, Panthers, Malajube, and more.

Here's the first extrawack! Baker's Dozen Downloads of the new usual, these are thirteen tracks we think you need to have on the personal listening device of your choice, and to maybe even hold up said device with the backlight on so that the people around you on the train or in the pizza joint can see how au courant you really are.

The Icicles - "Sugar Sweet" mp3

Buildings Breeding - "Stacking Up Reasons" mp3

The Rapture - "Woo Alright, Yeah Uh-Huh" mp3

Plan B - "Sick 2 Def (Featuring The Earlies)" mp3

Read Yellow - "Pia Zadora" mp3

Richard Swift - "Kisses For The Misses" mp3

Pela - "Lost to the Lonesome (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix)" mp3

Panther - "How Well Can You Swim?" mp3

Panthers - "Uncertainly" mp3

Somme - "Massless" mp3

Postscripts - "Untitled #2" mp3

Deerhoof - "+81" mp3

Malajube - "Pate Filo" mp3

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