Monday, January 15, 2007

MC Serch Gives "The Ghetto Revival" The Gas Face...The White Rapper Show Is Pretty Great.

Yeah, the first two nights of 24 were pretty hot, but for my money the best TV recently has been VH1's The White Rapper Show.

Hosted by 3rd Bass' MC Serch and assisted by Prince Paul, the show features a gang of vaguely talented white kids vying for a hundred grand and a shot at being the next Eminem (or Vanilla Ice). The kids are living together in a place dubbed "The White House" in the South Bronx, where they are trotted around and taught local rap & hip-hop history by legends like Kurtis Blow, and Grandmasters Flash and Kaz. Like every good reality game show, somebody is tossed off the show each week.

Here's where this show beats anything Mark Burnett can conjure up:

When you are chucked from the house, Serch yells "Step off and gimme your shoes!", at which point the loser hands the host his or her hi-top Pro-Keds, which are promply thrown up onto the telephone line. Proper.

Most of these kids are from the suburbs, and have only cursory knowledge of the history of the music they profess to be expert at. In fact, one knucklehead contestant proudly calls himself the "King Of The Burbs", and yammers about his quest for the "Ghetto Revival", whatever that is.

The most recent episode had the wannabees competing against each other in a contest to identify snippets of rap classics. Out of 9 players, only one could recognize Run-DMC's "Run's House". Extra wack, indeed.

Totally worth a TiVo season pass.

See John Brown, "King Of The Burbs" make minimal sense here:

Run-DMC - "It's Like That" mp3 buy

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