Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This Ain't No (Mudd Club or) CBGB - Hilly's Boutique On St Marks

As I was walking down St. Marks Place last week on my way to an always-killer falafal at Mamoun's, I stumbled across what looked like a Playskool version of the old CBGB awnings on the North side of the street. Turns out, it's the new CBGB Boutique.

Intrigued, I walked down the steps and into what looked like the Juniors section of Nordstrom at the Short Hills Mall. Under klieglight-bright lighting there were neatly hangered circular racks of dozens of styles of clothing, all of which bared the CBGB logo, little of which looked wearable by anyone who'd ever stepped foot in the club. Near the checkout was a rack and counter full of logoed crap and nonsense that wouldn't be out of place at a souvenir shop in Branson or Niagara Falls.

As I (possibly audibly) asked myself "Who would buy this junk?", I nearly bumped in to two big blonde middle-aged tourist ladies, one of whom was sporting an obviously-purchased-yesterday "The Big Apple" sequined sweatshirt, as they asked each other out loud "Have you heard of this brand?" if they'd stumbled across the next DKNY or FCUK. Yikes.

Hey, I know the club was pretty much nowheresville the last handful of years, but I had some incredibly fun and memorable times there. The thought of these yentas flying back to Des Moines wearing CBGB trucker hats (or worse)kind of creeps me out.

God bless Hilly for sticking it out and being able to cash in after all those years...but God help those women who think a too-tight pink and black striped CBGB tank top is a good look.

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