Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Andy Partridge, Pela, Cheeseburger, and Scattering My Light on Someone Else's Blog

WNYC's always interesting Spinning On Air program had a great interview the other night with the elusive Andy Partridge, frontman of XTC and songsmith extraordinaire. Thankfully, the show is available as a download from this page. Andy's excellent 9-volume Fuzzy Warbles box set of demos, alternates, and outtakes can be purchased here.

Andy Partridge - "Sonic Boom" mp3

The Bono-centric, smart, and funtastic Scatter o' Light features a couple of my fave music books as part of their "super-awesome book list" series. See how I waste my time before the missus tells me to "turn the light off...I gotta get some sleep" here.

One of extrawack!'s favorite bands, Pela, has a new album out in April. From what we've heard, it's pretty awesome. They are debuting a song a week from Anytown Grafitti until the release date at their website. Check it out and see that I'm not kidding about it's awesomeness.

And finally, have you seen that Jeep commercial where the robot is skateboarding on the truck? I didn't really want to buy the vehicle, but I dug the song. Just found out that it's NYC's own Cheeseburger.

Here's Cheeseburger's first single from their forthcoming self-titled album...but here's a not download it unless you are prepared to spend the next couple of days getting in your friends' faces and yelling, "I'm a tiger!".

Cheeseburger - "Tiger" mp3 mov

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