Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Manic Street Preachers Single Featuring Nina From The Cardigans

One of my favorite bands inviting my fake girlfriend to sing on their long-awaited new album? did I not hear about this sooner?

From The Cardigans forum on

Yes, I sung with the manics, on a song that's gonna be on their new record. I recorded the vocals in New York, and James came over to oversee my
work. It's a great song that works well as a duet, and MSP is one of my favourite bands, too, so I was really happy to be asked by them. I hope you'll enjoy the song!


Apparently, the album is called Send Away The Tigers and will be released in the UK in word of an American release as far as I can see...

Here's a BBC2 radio rip of the tune, which is catchy as hell:

Manic Street Preachers with Nina Persson - "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" mp3 buy

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