Monday, March 05, 2007

Black Lips...Perhaps The Best In-Store Band Appearance Ever.

I'm a pretty big fan of record store free shows...first off, they are free. That's always a good price. But they usually allow a band to do something a little different...maybe they'll play acoustic, or try out some covers, or even let fans sit in on a song.

Here's a clip of Black Lips' recent in-store at Criminal Records in Atlanta, featuring the best Cowboy Hat/Tighty Whities combo since the Times Square Naked Cowboy, and a pack of fireworks going off WHILE BEING HELD BY THE TEETH OF THE GUITAR PLAYER MID-SONG. Damn.

Black Lips - "M.I.A.":

More Black Lips video action at VBS.

Black Lips - "Not A Problem" mp3 buy

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