Friday, April 06, 2007

James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem Press Conference

This morning I attended an alleged press conference in Manhattan, where LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy was to "be officially responding to allegations of the assumed LCD Soundsystem backlash". Obviously meant to be a bit of a goof, the event turned out to be more fun than your average press junket roundtable.

The event started with Murphy joking that DFA's been preparing for any backlash by compiling embarassing data in advance on perceived possible backlashers for use in case it's needed. Truth of the matter is, there's very little backlash going on, despite Murphy pointing out that he's heard from haters that upstarts like Lindstrom and Ed Banger are forcing DFA off the top of the groove pyramid.

The conference soon turned into a Q&A free for all, with questions ranging from interesting to downright ridiculous:

-When asked about this past weekend's shows at The Bowery, he said he thought the crowd was better on Friday, but the band played better on Saturday...and he thinks the upcoming Studio B show (their first Brooklyn show ever) will have more of a party vibe.

-He claims he gets his news from "Best Week Ever".

-He spoke a bit about his passion for Ultimate Fighting, and when asked, claimed that if he had to choose music to enter the ring to, he'd pick The Fall's "Totally Wired".

-He finds it strange that people ask him to play his own music when he's DJ-ing, which he feels is like being that guy in a band wearing his own band's shirt.

-One "reporter", whom I'm pretty sure was a plant, asked Murphy to respond to accusations that he was more "Eldridge & Canal" than "Roebling & Grand". Murphy responded that despite his current residence in Williamsburg, he's a long time West Village guy.

-He's not too worked-up about the album of remixed versions of every single track off of Sound Of Silver that appeared for free download on the Internet the same day the true album was released. He knew it was coming beforehand, but the fact that the makers request all downloaders to make a donation to charity, he thinks is a good thing.

-And he more or less concluded the session by sharing with one reporter his recipe for seasoned potato cubes.

If nothing else, Murphy proved he's got a pretty decent sense of humor, and for a guy who seems to be a kingpin in the world of trendsetting, he doesn't appear to take himself too seriously.

Here he is responding to a question as to whether he considers himself a role model:

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