Friday, May 04, 2007

New Spinal Tap Video, Band Reforming For Live Earth Concert, Amps Still Go To Eleven.

from the press release:

New York - The new Spinal Tap film directed by Rob Reiner that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival is available at Reiner also announced at the festival that Spinal Tap has reunited and will play Live Earth's London Show on 7/7/07.

The 15-minute film chronicles Marty DeBergi's (Rob Reiner) efforts to reunite Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest), David St. Hubbins (Michael
McKean) and Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer) to play Live Earth. The film also reveals what the band members have been up to since they were last together. Ferrets, tiny horses, rehab and hip hop play prominent roles.

Please see the clip below and the entire film at

Live Earth is designed to trigger a mass movement to combat our climate crisis.

On 7/7/07, Live Earth will be a defining musical event with more than 100 headliners performing live on all 7 continents and being broadcast globally through television, radio, web, wireless and other media platforms. These music artists will inspire an audience of more than 2 billion people worldwide to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives to turn the tide on global warming.

Live Earth's proceeds and the audience it engages will be the launch for an ongoing campaign to combat the climate crisis that will be led by The Alliance for Climate Protection, which is chaired by Al Gore, and international environmental NGOs.

Live Earth will provide simple actions and tools that, if applied on a mass scale, will have a massive impact on combating the climate crisis. A global movement of people making meaningful changes in their lives will give the companies they do business with, and the governments who represent them, no choice but to enact positive long-term themselves.

Spinal Tap - "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" mp3 buy

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