Thursday, June 14, 2007

extrawack! Bakers Dozen Downloads for June...Datarock, James Sudakow, The Grey Race, Robbers On High Street, Spoon, and more.

Here's our monthly installment of a CD's length of sweet new tracks for your Zune or laptop. Better yet, burn them to a disc, play them through your boombox on the beach, and watch the ladies and dudes show up to ask if they can apply sunlotion to your back.

The Grey Race - "On the Chin" mp3

Datarock - "Princess" mp3

James Sudakow - "Green" mp3

Spoon - "The Underdog" mp3

Tago-Mago - "Know What I Mean" mp3

Robbers On High Street - "Crown Victoria" mp3

The Key Party - "Born Permanently Cool" mp3

Saturna - "Roll Down" mp3

Frankel - "Thermostat" mp3

The Epochs - "Opposite Sides" mp3

Amestory - "The March, The Parade" mp3

David Vandervelde - "Nuthin No" mp3

Scissors For Lefty - "Lay Down Your Weapons" mp3

Thanks to the labels and music pimps for hosting these gems.

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