Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Return Of Ambulance LTD...Sort Of.

Just the other day I was listening to Ambulance LTD's "Heavy Lifting" on my Zune while jogging, and I was wondering what had happened to those guys. I had heard they were in the studio with the Velvet underground's John Cale late last year, but then...nothing.

Today I noticed this MySpace bulletin from them:

A note from Marcus Congleton of Ambulance LTD:

"It's been ages since LTD's been on the musical map and for that I'm
sorry. I'm told there are still subscribers to our site and for that
I feel flattered but also guilty for our prolonged absence. Ambulance
has suffered some unwelcome reality doses in the past couple of years.
Many songs have been written and recorded but legal battles,
interpersonal dramas, and spiritual meltdowns have stilted our
sophomore effort. If there's ever a "VH1: Behind The Music that's
really good but not massively popular" I think our saga would be
perfect. But the good news is we're back in NYC with a bag of new
songs and a damn good record is beginning to take shape. We will post
some demos on this site asap and look forward to returning to the
stage this summer" -M

Check out
Ambulance LTD's MySpace Page for new music.

The new stuff on their MySpace sounds pretty great. Lets hope for another record soon.

Ambulance LTD - "Straight A's" mp3

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