Sunday, July 01, 2007

That Cute Girl In The Vodka Ads Used To Sing With GusGus

You may have noticed those smart & funny ads for Reyka Vodka featuring an Icelandic cutie touting the fact that despite some people preferring flavored vodka, "Here in Iceland, if you want the taste of banana, you just eat... a banana."

I've learned that the girl in the ads is actually former GusGus vocalist Hafdis Huld, and I've also found out that Reyka is a pretty excellent vodka.

As a fan of pretty much anything Icelandic, I had to give this stuff a taste test. I wouldn't say that I'm a vodka snob, but I can usually tell the difference between top shelf and plastic-bottled frat party juice. I'm pleased to report that Reyka is crisp, tasty, and great with a mixer or straight outta the freezer on the rocks. And at a recent house party here, the bottle (featuring interesting verbage about the brand's origins) was probably the most reached-for drink on the bar.

And as if I needed another reason to choose this drink, according to their website (which features more from Hafdis and some cheeky puffins...), Reyka is a "'green' vodka that is distilled using sustainable and clean energy from geothermal heat." I can't say that about any other drink in my house, that's for sure.

More fun facts about Iceland provided by Reyka:

- 10% of the population of Iceland believes that elves "definitely" exist

- Bjork’s mother fasted for 3 weeks in 2002 to protest the building of a dam

- In 2006 Iceland was ranked as the 4th happiest nation in the world by an independent scientific study

- Traditional Icelandic dishes include: pickled ram’s testicles, putrefied shark, singed sheep heads, sheep head jam, and blood pudding

- Astronauts practiced for their moonwalk in Iceland

- There are only 300,000 people in Iceland, 137 of them are in jail

- All of Reykjavik is heated by underground hot springs

Since I haven't been up there in a long time, all of this has made me want to visit Iceland again. I'm gonna give their Iceland Airwaves Flyaway Contest a shot, since the top prize includes flight, hotel, and tickets to the Iceland Airwaves Festival (this year featuring Bloc Party, Of Montreal, !!!, Mum, GusGus, Bonde de Role, and more) in October for the winner and 9 friends. Soaking in the Blue Lagoon with my pals for free? I'm in. Enter here.

Hafdis Huld - "Ice Cream Is Nice" mp3 buy

Watch Hafdis here:

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