Saturday, August 04, 2007

Virgn Festival Day 1 - LCD Soundsystem Steals The Show

Of all the acts at the sweltering first day of the Virgin Festival, the best set of the day (in my opinion) was turned in by LCD Soundsystem.

James & Co. hit a groove midset that didn't let up until they left the stage, and I actually heard a girl near me tell her friend, "I've always wanted to dance outside...this is perfect!" after a bootyshakin' version of "Tribulations". Having only seen LCD in Manhattan amongst the chin-strokers and arm-crossers, it was a blast to watch people grooving like they meant it.

Surprisingly to me, since everytime I'd seen them before it looked like they were phoning it in, the Beastie Boys were pretty damn good, and Mix Mister Mike remains incredible.

Let down of the day? Amy Winehouse. She's SO not meant for daytime, or festivals. The combination of the two made for a listless and forgettable set.

Act I most want to see in the future? These dudes who tag-teamed a SCORCHING version of Freebird in the Guitar Hero Tent:

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